Welcome to the 91st Airborne, the following information relates to joining teamspeak and the private server.

1) Visit Resources and down load the mod list unzip the folder> extract the HTML file to your desktop> launch Arma 3> drag the mod list HTML over to the Arma launcher window> it will create a preset of the 91st Airborne mod list that you can click on every time you log in to the server> the HTML file will check your subscriber mods and add any that are missing for joining the 91st Airborne server.
2) Set up Teamspeak.
3) 20 mins before you are due to start your BCT (Basic Combat Training) please join 91st Airborne teamspeak server and then join the 91st Airborne Arma server, if you have any questions please join the discord server.
4) If you have not already done so please join the recruits discord server.
5) Read the Code of Conduct

Name: 91st Airborne TS2

Server address = IP:
Please insure you start Teamspeak in admin then launch Arma 3, this helps ACRE to connect to the game properly.
You will be in the Teamspeak lobby then once you join the server it will drag you down in to the mission channel you do not need to move channels.

This is a recruits only section of the server, once you have passed your BCT we will grant access to the main Unit Discord server.

During this time a Pvt will be observed at all times to insure they are not having any difficulties and are not causing problems, each Pvt must attend 6 BCT's / Platoon trainings / operations to move out of probation and in to a unit.
If a Pvt is disobeying the rules of any kind, his SL must inform the S/sgt a Pvt on probation can only get 1 informal warning. if he receives a strike he is removed from the unit.

Unit Tags:
A Pvt on probation does not get the 91st unit tags until probation has been completed.

Server 1 is EU1
Name: 91st Paramarines [EU] 1
Password: 91st_para

Server 2 EU2
Name: 91st Paramarines [EU] 2
Password: grumpy

Do not arm yourself with anything the Training staff will sort out your kit at the appropriate time.