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91st Order of Battle


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91st Paramarines Regiment

Member ID Name Rank Group Role
1 D. Winters Cpt Fox Co. CO
2 J. Compton Cpt Fox Co. XO
3 B. Perkins Sgt Discharged Sqd. Ldr
4 T. Charles T/3 Reserves Expl. Spc
5 O. Glyndwr Pvt Discharged Rifleman
6 J. Hooson T/4 Red 1 Asst. MG
7 F. Nate SSgt Discharged Sqd. Ldr
8 A. Miller 1st Lt Fox White Plt. CO
9 K. Ollo 1st Lt Fox Red Plt. CO
10 S. Wonko 2nd Lt Fox Red Plt. XO
11 C. Fred PFC Discharged Rifleman
12 H. Landa 2nd Lt Fox White Plt. XO
13 L. Hays Pvt Discharged Rifleman
14 E. Eden Pvt Discharged Rifleman
15 J. Murray Pvt Discharged Rifleman
16 N. Shughart T/4 Fox Red RTO
17 S. Shatner T/4 Fox White Sniper
18 V. Macovich Pvt Reserves Medic
19 J. Goodman Pvt Discharged Rifleman
20 S. Eris T/4 Reserves Medic
21 S. Wikto PFC Discharged Rifleman
22 J. Wellington Sgt Discharged Sqd. Ldr
23 L. Charlie PFC Discharged Rifleman
24 A. Langerud T/3 Reserves Plt. Sgt
25 M. Tyler PFC Discharged Rifleman
26 B. Morgan T/4 Reserves Sniper
27 M. Adams Sgt White 1 Sqd. Ldr
28 A. Easy Pvt Discharged Rifleman
29 G. Cory PFC Discharged Rifleman
30 S. Godwin Pvt Discharged Rifleman
31 L. Mach T/5 Reserves Rifleman
32 J. Blue Sgt Red 1 Sqd. Ldr
33 M. Waringham T/4 Red 1 RTO
34 S. Powers Pvt Reserves Rifleman
35 A. Weaver T/5 Reserves Medic
36 S. Frug Cpl Red 1 Asst. Sqd. Ldr
37 D. Edwards GySgt Fox White Plt. Sgt
38 M. Webber LCpl Red 1 Rifle Gdr
39 J. Neuvonen T/5 Discharged Rifle Gdr
40 M. Brooks Cpl Reserves RTO
41 N. Shinohara T/5 Red 1 Rifleman
42 M. Aranel Sgt Fox Red RTO
43 S. Fisch T/4 Fox White Medic
44 C. Leno Pvt Discharged Rifleman
45 F. Hansson Rct Discharged Rifleman
46 B. Hooper Pvt Discharged Rifleman
47 G. Lavenson Pvt Discharged Medic
48 W. Moore Cpl White 1 Asst. Sqd. Ldr
49 A. O’Keeffe Rct Discharged Engineer
50 M. Hill T/5 Reserves Medic
51 D. Oliver PFC Reserves AR
52 A. Marchione PFC Reserves Rifleman
53 M. Alexander Cpl White 1 Medic
54 R. Keegan Pvt Discharged MG
55 S. Noonan Rct Discharged Rifleman
56 B. Slack Rct Discharged Rifleman
57 W. Hastings Cpl Red 1 Medic
58 R. Calloway Rct Discharged Rifleman
59 B. Sandman PFC Reserves MG
60 E. Montgomery T/5 Fox Red Medic
61 A. Wells Pvt Discharged Rifleman
62 M. Voli T/5 Fox White Expl. Spc
63 O. Watkinson T/5 Fox Red Sniper
64 S. O’Regan PFC Discharged MG
65 D. Malarkey T/5 Red 1 Medic
66 S. Megos Rct Discharged Rifleman
68 E. Ortiz T/5 Red 1 AT Spc
69 T. Nugent Pvt Discharged Rifleman
70 V. Simpson Rct Discharged Rifleman
71 R. Dean Pvt Discharged Rifleman
72 A. Coleman PFC Reserves Rifle Gdr
73 J. Brandon Pvt Discharged Rifleman
74 A. Macmillan PFC Reserves AT Spc
75 R. Jenkins Rct Discharged Rifleman
76 A. Fox Pvt Discharged Rifleman
77 B. Halter Pvt Discharged AT Spc
78 N. Gagarin Pvt Discharged Rifleman
79 M. Keary Rct Discharged Rifleman
80 L. Python Rct Discharged Rifleman
81 A. Cooper Pvt White 1 Asst. AT Spc
82 O. Fisk Pvt Discharged Rifleman
83 Z. Grinch Rct Discharged Rifleman
84 J. Hunter Pvt Discharged Rifleman
85 M. Noble Pvt Discharged Rifleman
86 N. Riley Pvt Discharged Rifleman
87 K. Fox Rct Discharged Rifleman
88 B. Wilson Rct Discharged Rifleman
89 J. McGarvy Rct Discharged Rifleman
90 M. Mott Pvt Discharged Asst. AT Spc
91 M. Masseria PFC White 1 AR
92 P. Gold Pvt Discharged Rifleman
93 S. Paganman LCpl Fox White RTO
94 S. Skar Rct Discharged Rifleman
95 U. Daniel Rct Discharged Rifleman
96 M. Blackstone Pvt Discharged Rifleman
97 A. Shetty PFC White 1 Asst. MG
98 D. Wolfe Rct Discharged Rifleman
99 A. Mleahat Pvt Discharged Rifleman
100 C. Fite Pvt Discharged Asst. AT Spc
102 J. Perry Pvt Discharged Rifleman
103 D. Astro LCpl Red 1 MG
104 E. McCready Pvt Reserves Rifleman
105 C. Lambert Pvt Discharged Rifleman
106 M. Binter Pvt Discharged Rifleman
107 W. Konig Pvt Discharged Rifleman
108 T. Blake PFC Reserves MG
109 B. Block Rct Discharged Rifleman
110 T. Kirkman Pvt Reserves RTO
111 F. Fig Rct Discharged Rifleman
112 I. MacGregor Pvt Discharged Rifleman
101 A. Walsh Rct Discharged Rifleman
67 M. Lewis Pvt Reserves AT Spc
113 D. Allison Rct Discharged Rifleman
114 J. Lyng Pvt Discharged Rifleman
115 W. Sam Rct Discharged Rifleman
116 R. Jordan Rct Discharged Rifleman
117 J. Phoenix Rct Discharged Rifleman
118 J. Calloway Rct Discharged Rifleman
119 E. Keel Rct Discharged Rifleman
120 H. Brennen Rct Discharged Rifleman
122 A. Walker Pvt Discharged Rifleman
121 C. Bigsby Rct Discharged Rifleman
123 E. Dedić Pvt Discharged Rifleman
124 B. Strom Pvt Discharged Rifleman
125 A. Staške Rct Discharged Rifleman
126 J. Austin Rct Discharged Rifleman
127 K. Lions Pvt Discharged Medic
128 S. Webb Pvt White 1 AT Spc
129 R. Morris Pvt Probationers Rifleman
130 S. Rizvi Rct Discharged Rifleman
131 O. Jenkins Rct Trainees Rifleman
132 D. Rogue Pvt Probationers Rifleman
133 P. Blair Pvt Probationers Rifleman
134 A. Norman Pvt Probationers Rifleman
135 R. Person Pvt Probationers Rifleman
136 M. Dursley Pvt Probationers Rifleman
137 C. Novak Rct Discharged Rifleman
138 M. Woods Pvt Probationers Rifleman
139 D. Banjo Pvt Probationers Rifleman
140 J. Sheppard Rct Trainees Rifleman
141 S. Aung Pvt Probationers Rifleman
Full name Short name Insignia
Captain Cpt Captain
1st Lieutenant 1st Lt 1st Lieutenant
2nd Lieutenant 2nd Lt 2nd Lieutenant
Officer Cadet OC Officer Cadet
Gunnery Sergeant GySgt Gunnery Sergeant
Staff Sergeant SSgt Staff Sergeant
Sergeant Sgt Sergeant
Corporal Cpl Corporal
Lance Corporal LCpl Lance Corporal
Technician Third Grade T/3 Technician Third Grade
Technician Fourth Grade T/4 Technician Fourth Grade
Technician Fifth Grade T/5 Technician Fifth Grade
Private First Class PFC Private First Class
Private Pvt Private
Recruit Rct Recruit
Name Icon Callsign
Company HQ Company HQ Fox
1st Platoon HQ 1st Platoon HQ Fox Red
1st Platoon – 1st Squad 1st Platoon – 1st Squad Red 1
1st Platoon – 2nd Squad 1st Platoon – 2nd Squad Red 2
2nd Platoon HQ 2nd Platoon HQ Fox White
2nd Platoon – 1st Squad 2nd Platoon – 1st Squad White 1
Reserves Reserves Reserves
Discharged Discharged Discharged
Applicants Applicants Applicants
Trainees Trainees Trainees
Probationers Probationers Probationers
Full name Short name Acronym
Company Commander Co. CO CCO
Company XO Co. XO CXO
Company Liaison Co. LNO CLNO
Platoon Commander Plt. CO PCO
Platoon XO Plt. XO PXO
Platoon Sergeant Plt. Sgt PSGT
Squad Leader Sqd. Ldr SL
Assistant Squad Leader Asst. Sqd. Ldr ASL
Radioman RTO RTO
Medic Medic CM
Explosive Specialist Expl. Spc EXS
Sniper Sniper SPR
AT Specialist AT Spc ATS
Assistant AT Specialist Asst. AT Spc AATS
Machine Gunner MG MG
Assistant Machine Gunner Asst. MG AMG
Autorifleman AR AR
Rifle Grenadier Rifle Gdr RG
Rifleman Rifleman RFLM
Name Ribbon
Founding Father Founding Father
Distinguished Member Distinguished Member
American Service Medal American Service Medal
Zeus Zeus
Combat Instructor Combat Instructor
Achievement Medal Achievement Medal
Recruiter Award Recruiter Award
Good Conduct Medal Good Conduct Medal
Drill Instructor Drill Instructor
Tank Buster Tank Buster
Miller Award Miller Award
POW Medal POW Medal
Purple Heart Purple Heart
Staszow Campaign Staszow Campaign
Liberation of Sark Liberation of Sark
European Campaign European Campaign

Unit Insignia

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